Change bringers and innovators, our secret speakers will revolutionise the way you think, behave and work. We’ve had Joshua Coombes, a London based social activist, Paula S. Williams, a transgender Baptist minister from Colorado, and Hyeonseo Lee, a North Korean Defector. Who will it be this year? Well, read our interview below to see if you can work it out!

What’s the best thing that happened to you in 2020?
Can I answer that one once the team has had their vaccinations?! Like everyone, once we exit this year, leaving 2020 with the same people I came into 2020 with will be the best thing that could happen to me.

What’s your most treasured possession?
I’m Catholic so we don’t really do possessions – I’m sorry, that’s twenty years of the Jesuits for you. At a push, the tea-set which my Grandfather gave my Grandmother on their wedding day. I use it every morning.

What living person do you admire most?
The Queen. You can’t argue with nearly 70 years of public service.

Can you tell us about a particularly pivotal moment in your career? A time you can look back on now and think ‘yes, that was the instant everything changed for me’? And what sort of impact did that have?
That would be the day I quit my job as an Economist to start a brewery – having never actually been to a brewery. Or liking beer. We only have one go at life and I wanted to do the right thing; not be 80, having played it safe all my life and then wonder when it’s too late what could have been. This meant taking the leap and remembering, ‘he who dares, wins Rodney’ (Only Fools and Horses quote). The initial impact was stress, doubt and much less money! Today, I am so lucky to work with a great team in a thriving organisation at the heart of our community, brewing fantastic beer. I’ve been very fortunate that it’s all gone so well.

When we can start travelling again, where is the first destination you will be going?
Probably Cork in West Ireland to see my family. Like everyone, I have missed a lot of events this year so I need to get over there and start distributing presents! Second will be Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Amazing.

By Hannah Tovey