Creating the kind of serendipitous moments you get at an in person event in a virtual world is no easy feat, but we are here for the challenge. Retail Connected is going to have many moments for networking and interactivity with your fellow attendees. Connect with both speakers and delegates from across the globe, in any of the following ways:

Chat: Yes, the simple chat box. Ping other delegates who are online during the live event on 26-30 April and get chatting about key topics being discussed.


Winning Strategies Lounges: Four virtual (but super comfy) networking lounges, themed around the winning strategies that the agenda is based on. Meet others wanting to discuss challenges and opportunities, or seek ideas and solutions surrounding the overarching topic of each lounge. The Winning Strategies Lounges are open to retailers only, and there are limited spaces per lounge. A different lounge will open at 3pm GMT each day, and check out the agenda for which day your preferred lounge is open and the request access.

Live Q&A: The opportunity to interact with some of the speakers and ask them those burning questions. This is only available to those watching live, so make sure you block out the time in your schedule so you don’t miss out. .

Polls: During certain sessions we want to hear what you have to say on the topic. We want to see if our speakers can change your ideas and perceptions on certain issues through their strong debate. So make sure you listen closely to what they have to say to see if they can sway your opinion!

Although it is digital, we believe it is still possible to create those water cooler or coffee line moments – log in live to take advantage of this!